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Your MRI images: Available to be viewed online directly after the examination

Dear patients, from now on you can access your MRI images online directly after the examination. To get a better idea, you can view demo images under View MRI demo images. And this is how it works:

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1. MRI examination and receipt of the access code

As usual, you will be examined in my MRI practice.

Timely appointments can be made by phone or booked online through the practice website: Book MRI appointment in Frankfurt

Immediately following the MRI examination, you will receive a printout containing a personal access code.

MRT-Bilder online abrufbar | Überweiser Easy Radiology

2. Online access to your MRI images

You scan your personal code on your cover letter with your cell phone – and go directly to your images. Alternatively, you can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC to access

  • Click on View examination in the menu above
  • Enter the number of your examination from your radiology document.
  • Add your personal access code for the examination.
  • Now you can view the MRI images.

No special software is required and this service is offered to you free of charge.

MRT-Bilder online abrufbar

3. Security standards

All images are encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.

The images are transmitted using the latest security standards, ensuring that they cannot be accessed by third parties.

We comply with all applicable data protection laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation.

The transmission of the images is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).

Dear patients, you can book your desired appointment for an MRI examination at our practice in Frankfurt am Main easily and conveniently online at any time, even outside consultation hours. Benefit from flexible appointment times and book your appointment in just a few seconds.