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Open MRI in Frankfurt: No need to worry if you suffer from claustrophobia

At our facility, patients with claustrophobia have nothing to worry about. With our large opening and extremely short magnet, many examinations can be conducted in a way that allows the head to remain outside the tunnel. This is why it is often referred to as an “open MRI.”

Open MRI in Frankfurt: Benefits of our MRI machine for patients with claustrophobia

Many patients feel uneasy when they are prescribed an MRI scan for diagnostic purposes. They are afraid of the confined space and the feeling of being trapped inside the MRI machine. This is commonly referred to as claustrophobia, which is the fear of tight spaces or enclosed environments.

However, you don’t have to worry when you come to us. We work with the Magnetom Aera from Siemens. This MRI scanner has the largest opening available on the market, and the extremely short magnet allows many examinations to be performed with the head outside the unit. This is why it is often referred to as an “open MRI.”

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No need to worry about claustrophobia thanks to the very short and wide tunnel

We will examine you with the Magnetom Aera MRI machine. This unit offers a particularly wide “patient opening” of 70 cm. In addition, the magnetic tunnel is bright, well ventilated and has friendly, round contours. If you wish, you are welcome to view the device in advance to better prepare yourself emotionally and adjust to the examination situation.

The head can often remain outside the tunnel

The tunnel of our MRI scanner is very short at 125 cm, so the head is often outside, depending on the examination. This is the case, for example, when examining the lumbar spine. Often, the entire upper body can remain outside the tunnel. Examples include MRI of the feet, lower legs, knees, or hips.

Short examination time

Our MRI machine is one of the best currently available on the market. It generates high-resolution images, and the sequences are optimized, resulting in an average examination time of only 18 minutes. The examination, therefore, lasts only a short period of time.

Always well looked after

If you still feel uneasy, you can trust us! You will have a buzzer in your hand and are will be in contact with us at all times through an intercom system. A camera at the head end provides additional safety. Your companion is welcome to sit with you during the examination.

Relaxed examination atmosphere

Furthermore, the system includes noise-reduced sequences where the volume is significantly reduced through optimized and intelligent gradient switching. Some measurements are even completely noiseless. But you may not even notice – because during the examination time, we will give you headphones, which you can use to listen to the music of your choice. Not only the improved sound environment but also the overall atmosphere contributes to a relaxed examination experience. The covering of our MRI device is equipped with MoodLight illumination, and in the examination room, there is also an illuminated “sky.”

As you can see – we do our best to create a friendly and pleasant environment for you, where you can feel comfortable and forget about the examination – as much as possible.

Possibility of sedation

If you are nevertheless afraid of the examination, e.g. because you suffer from severe claustrophobia, please let us know when you make your appointment. This way, we will have the option to administer a sedative to you before the examination. In this case, please arrive at our practice 30 minutes before your examination appointment. The sedative will be administered to you as a drink, an our patients have had very good experiences with this.

It is important that you come to the examination with a companion and have someone take you home afterwards. You must not actively drive, operate machinery, or climb ladders for 24 hours after being given a sedative.

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Where does the term “open MRI” come from?

The term “open MRI” is misleading and is often used colloquially by patients to describe particularly advantageous and “open” examination conditions (such as those offered by us). The term “open” in this context therefore does not describe that the device is open at the top, but rather that the MRI tunnel takes up very little space and the head can remain outside the tunnel during many examinations (as already described above).

Answers to your questions about more safety

If you still have questions or other concerns before your MRI examination, the subpage with the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) is there to help. If you have individual concerns, you can send us a message or ask us in person.

Dear patients, you can book your desired appointment for an MRI examination at our practice in Frankfurt am Main easily and conveniently online at any time, even outside consultation hours. Benefit from flexible appointment times and book your appointment in just a few seconds.