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Feel at home!

Our private radiology practice in Frankfurt is located in the medneo Diagnostic Center. The bright, modern, and fully air-conditioned practice rooms have an appealing and friendly atmosphere and are easily accessible by elevator, providing barrier-free access.

With the new magnetic resonance tomograph, we have access to the most advanced technology at medneo. It features an open tunnel with a 70 cm diameter, providing the same spaciousness previously only seen in computed tomography. This makes it possible to carry out an examination for obese and claustrophobic patients, which was previously impossible or difficult to carry out. In addition to providing greater comfort for “average patients” due to its larger space, our latest device delivers the proven image quality and diagnostic reliability of a 1.5 Tesla high-field system (HFS).

During a follow-up consultation, the results of each examination will be discussed with the physician. The written report, as well as the MRI images, will be shared with the patient, the referring specialist, or the ongoing treating physician. MRI images can be viewed online at any time through access to a secure web archive.

Equally important is the expertise of our team, as well as the reliability and personal care we provide to our patients in a harmonious atmosphere.

In our private practice for radiology in Frankfurt, we take time for our patients – do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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Dear patients, you can book your desired appointment for an MRI examination at our practice in Frankfurt am Main easily and conveniently online at any time, even outside consultation hours. Benefit from flexible appointment times and book your appointment in just a few seconds.