Radiologe Westend

Radiologist Westend

In Frankfurt, there are many doctors who have a specific specialty and are considered specialists: In the Westend alone, you will find various general and family practitioners, gynecologists, neurologists, dermatologists, neurologists, orthopedists, psychiatrists – and also radiology practices. As a radiologist in the Westend, Dr. Catarina Jung offers help in diagnosing a wide range of diseases and thus supports your physician in finding the right therapy for you.

Radiologist Westend: Dr. Catarina Jung

As a specialist in radiology, Dr. Catarina Jung is a highly specialized physician who deals with so-called imaging diagnostics. She examines patients in MRI who have been referred to a radiologist at the request of other physicians (e.g. orthopedists or specialists in internal medicine).

In this way, disease patterns or injuries can be detected and the examination findings can be used to support your physician in deciding on the necessary therapy. Due to the very short magnet, the device allows many examinations where the patient’s head can be positioned outside the tube.

Radiologist Westend: Examination with innovative special MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI for short) is one of the imaging examination procedures used by a radiologist. Here, a computer, a strong magnetic field, additional alternating fields and measuring antennas generate very detailed cross-sectional images of the inside of the body. Based on these images, a wide variety of diseases or injuries can be detected or, in the best case, ruled out. In addition, MRI can be used to monitor and assess the course of medical therapy.

However, Dr. Catarina Jung does not use a standard MRI machine for her examinations. She uses an innovative special MRI that, with a tube diameter of 70 cm, is significantly wider than usual devices. In addition, the tunnel is open. This offers patients more space and thus more comfort. In particular, people with claustrophobia, but also those who are overweight or handicapped, for example, can be examined optimally in this way.

A feel-good atmosphere during the examination is created by MoodLight lighting and individual music of your choice. The innovative technology guarantees excellent image quality and delivers diagnostic procedures at the highest level. This earns Dr. Catarina Jung the title of radiology specialist practice in Frankfurt’s Westend.

Radiologe Westend

Radiologist Westend: Why visit Dr. Catarina Jung?

The practice at Bockenheimer Landstraße 23 in Westend is the right address for an MRI in Frankfurt, and not just because of its extraordinarily innovative technology.

Dr. Catarina Jung is a very experienced doctor and has for a long time been listed as the top-rated radiologist in Frankfurt on the physician recommendation portal jameda. In addition, she has a large network of colleagues in all specialties and also has contact with renowned clinics in the surrounding area.

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