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Are you from Wiesbaden and need an appointment for an MRI examination in a timely manner? Perhaps you have already experienced that this is sometimes difficult when looking for a radiology practice. In most cases, patients do not receive an MRI appointment in Wiesbaden immediately, but have to wait a long time for the examination.

The good news: MRI examinations are not only possible directly in Wiesbaden, but also in the surrounding area and many radiology practices are located there. For example, you can quickly get an appointment at our private radiology practice in Frankfurt. We are easy to reach from Wiesbaden by car or S-Bahn – perhaps you are a commuter or frequently in Frankfurt anyway?

Dr. Catarina Jung: MRI examination near Wiesbaden

Dr. Catarina Jung has always been fascinated by the structures and connections in the body. Therefore, she soon made the decision to study medicine and become a doctor. Following her studies, she devoted herself particularly intensively to the field of diagnostic radiology.

For more than 10 years now, Dr. Catarina Jung has specialized in MRI diagnostics. With her knowledge, she can make diagnoses for patients that are of great importance for further treatment and healing. Dr. Catarina Jung works with the Magnetom Aera, which has a particularly wide aperture of 70 cm (currently the largest aperture available on the market).

In 2017, Dr. Jung set up her own private practice for radiology in Frankfurt am Main (at the medneo MRI Diagnostic Center in Frankfurt) near Wiesbaden. She has great experience in examinations of the musculoskeletal system, the chest and abdomen, and the head. In addition to pure diagnostics, she also offers therapies for certain forms of back pain.

Another advantage is that with her large network of colleagues in other specialties, she can organize consultations at short notice for specific issues. You can find more information on the subpages about Dr. Catarina Jung and about the practice.

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MRI Wiesbaden: What magnetic resonance imaging can do

An MRI is a radiation-free, imaging diagnostic procedure with a wide range of possibilities. The examination makes it possible to detect various diseases or injuries. These include bone fractures or overstretching and tearing of ligaments and tendons. MRI can also be used to detect vascular changes and stenoses, inflammations and the extent of arthrosis.

Magnetic resonance imaging can also provide important findings in tumor diagnostics. With this examination, the suspicion of cancer can be confirmed or, in the best case, ruled out. It can also be used to find any metastases that may be present. It is also important with regard to the therapy itself. In the course of follow-up, MRI can be used to find out whether a therapy is effective.

MRI appointment Wiesbaden: the main areas of examination by Dr. Catarina Jung

  • MRI of the head
    Neurocranium (head), head and cervical spine, soft tissues of the neck and paranasal sinuses
  • MRI of the upper body and axial skeleton
    Cervical spine, shoulder, clavicle, humerus, elbow, rib cage, thoracic spine, sternum, lumbar spine, coccyx, forearm, wrist, metacarpal, and fingers
  • MRI of the abdomen
    Upper abdomen, lower abdomen, both areas with change of position
  • MRI of legs and feet
    Hip joint, thigh, knee, lower leg, ankle, Achilles tendon, foot
  • MRI special examinations
    Angiography of the head vessels, imaging of the neck vessels, angiography of the aorta and renal vessels

For further information, please refer to our cost overview.

MRI Wiesbaden: no claustrophobia

Great advantages in Dr. Jung’s radiology practice are not only her experience and specialization and the extensive MRI capabilities, but also the MRI machine itself. Dr. Jung works with the Magnetom Aera, which has an especially wide opening of 70 cm (currently the largest opening available on the market).

The magnet tunnel is bright, well ventilated and looks friendly with its round contours. The tube of the device is very short at 125 cm. In this way, the head or even the entire upper body can be positioned outside the tube for many examinations. This is a real relief for patients with claustrophobia. With a short examination time, constant supervision and a generally relaxed examination atmosphere, the service factor is high.

MRI appointment Wiesbaden: How to reach us

The private radiology practice of Dr. Catarina Jung is located in Haus Castanea at Bockenheimer Landstraße 23 in Frankfurt am Main. The MRI practice can therefore be reached quickly from Wiesbaden. From the center of Wiesbaden you need only about 30 – 40 minutes. The fastest route by car is via the A66. Alternatively, you can also use the A3. It is also possible to take the train. From the main station in Wiesbaden you can go directly to the Taunusanlage Frankfurt. From there, it is only a 350 meter walk until you arrive at our practice.

MRT Wiesbaden: Your journey from Wiesbaden

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