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Only recently, Hessenschau reported that Frankfurt is not only the largest city in Hesse, but also a very popular one: Statistically, Frankfurt’s population increases by about 563 people every month, distributed among the 124 neighborhoods around Altstadt, Ostend, Gallus or Sachsenhausen. The Westend is also very popular. The radiology practice of Dr. Catarina Jung is also located in this district. So if you live in Westend, work there, or pass through there frequently and need an MRI, you are in good hands with us.

MRI Westend: Who needs a magnetic resonance imaging?

In certain cases, patients whose bodies are not functioning properly are ordered to undergo an MRI examination by their attending physician. This so-called magnetic resonance imaging (MRI for short) can be used to diagnose diseases, dysfunctions and injuries in all areas of the body. It is often used to detect or rule out bone fractures, bleeding, inflammation, vascular changes and stenoses, overstretching and tearing of ligaments and tendons, or tumors/metastases. An MRI is also used to monitor the progress of treatment/therapy.

MRI Westend: Why go to a specialized practice?

Many patients who need MRI imaging diagnostics don’t know which practice to go to. In Frankfurt’s Westend, the private radiology practice of Dr. Catarina Jung is the perfect place to go.

Here, work is done with a particularly innovative MRI device: The tunnel is open and offers 70 cm tube diameter, and an extremely short magnet is also used. For you, this means extra comfort! Patients who are afraid of constriction or who need more space due to their body volume (obesity), but of course also “normal patients” can benefit from the extended space conditions. But not only the space conditions and the optimized technology of the MRI are an argument for the radiological private practice of Dr. Catarina Jung.

Dr. Catarina Jung is a very experienced radiologist who examines her patients not only with intellect, but above all with heart. This is also reflected in the ratings that her patients have left for her on the physician recommendation portal jameda: Dr. Jung is described there as a “competent and very friendly doctor”, as “very well organized” and “child-friendly”.

Patients praise the quick scheduling of appointments and the “first-class treatment, with everything included.” “Everything here is as it should be.” In addition, she has been listed in 1st place with the best ratings in Frankfurt on jameda for a long time.

And there is another notable advantage of Dr. Jung and her practice: the doctor has a large network of colleagues in all specialties and has contact with renowned clinics in the surrounding area. If desired, she can organize consultations at short notice.

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MRI Westend: How to find the practice of Dr. Catarina Jung

You will find the private radiology practice at Bockenheimer Landstraße 23 in the outstanding location of Frankfurt-Westend. It is located in the Castanea building and is accessible barrier-free via an elevator.

Nearby are the Opernturm, the Alte Oper and the Opernplatz with the Alte Oper subway stop. The neighboring buildings are home to the Chamber of Crafts Frankfurt-Rhein-Main, law firms, consulates and Schroders Private Bank.

Good to know: The costs for the duration of the examination in the parking garage at the Alte Oper and in the parking garage at the Opernturm are covered.

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Dear patients, you can book your desired appointment for an MRI examination at our practice in Frankfurt am Main easily and conveniently online at any time, even outside consultation hours. Benefit from flexible appointment times and book your appointment in just a few seconds.